Sustainable development commitment

Naturally sustainable development

Economic, social and environmental commitment.

In the last few years IMV Technologies has taken many steps toward sustainable development and social responsibility, whether this concerns daily operations or larger scale projects. This initiative is one of IMV's strategic goals.

Company governance ruled by a code of ethics

IMV Technologies’ governance is controlled by a monitoring committee, a board of directors and a management committee that meet regularly and involve all employees in the company’s business. IMV also has drawn up a code of ethics that provides all teams and team members with a reference framework.

Equal opportunity social policy

IMV Technologies always has encouraged respect for human rights, equal opportunity and the prevention of discrimination. Moreover, employees are provided an optimum work environment, with utmost attention to their health and safety. These principles have created a favorable climate for the company’s growth.

Deep respect for the environment

The company's Green Team, which includes members of all IMV departments, works daily to spread awareness of environmental problems to employees, partners and suppliers. Concurrently, IMV is developing a new range of products that incorporate the principles of eco-design, and the company conducts an annual carbon survey (Bilan Carbone®), with the goal of reducing any unintentional impact IMV's business may have on the environment.

Solid corporate commitment

Finally, in order to extend involvement, IMV Technologies takes part in various initiatives to promote the economic and social development in the areas in which the company is based, leading several local collective projects that aim to increase awareness to all aspects of sustainable development.


The industrial site and corporate headquarters have been designed following to High Environmental Quality (HEQ) standards, demonstrating IMV's commitment to excellence

The company’s new 13,500 m² industrial complex replaces the former production sites in L’Aigle (France), where our company was born. Built in an ideal setting, the complex was designed to regroup IMV’s various business activities and management, optimize the manufacturing processes and improve the team’s working environment.

Ther new headquarters, which opened in September of 2010, where designed following to HEQ criteria (High Environmental Quality). Everything in the building – eco-construction, sustainable energy management, 1700 m² of solar panels, comfort and health – was designed to respect the environment and people alike.

In this company’s showcase IMV Technologies welcomes clients, distributors and partners from all over the world.

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