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Genetic heritage and wild life preservation

IMV Technologies committed to biodiversity cryopreservation.

Using the experience gathered from various business activities, IMV Technologies is developping technology specially designed to build gamete banks to preserve the genetic heritage of various species, some of whiwh are threatened with extinction.

Learning from nature

Biodiversity conservation is a subject in which IMV has a particular interest. Moreover, the study of genes or certain combinations of genes may be very useful in understanding processes that are not fully comprehended today, such as resistance to diseases and stress, adaptation to changing environments and identification of unknown mechanisms.

Species conservation

The responsibility to protect genetic heritage requires proven scientific know-how. IMV Technologies is involved in several research programs, including the conservation of serum and semen from certain strains of cattle, as well as semen from oysters, microalgae, fish varieties, falcon, Siberian crane and wild animals in a South Africa national park. This also includes conservation of endangered species, such as the Ethiopian wolf.

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